How To Fix Netflix Buffering

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Is your Netflix stuck buffering? Although it's easy to blame Netflix, the problem is usually traced back to a poor Wi-Fi connection. Fix your Wi-Fi signal and get back to binge watching your favorite show with Influx's Wi-Fi Booster!

Here's what it does...

Block Out The Noise

Maybe Stranger Things Season 2 just came out. Now, all of your neighbors are binge watching at the same time you are! You Wi-Fi signal is now competing with your neighbors, the restaurant across the street, and even a wireless hotspots. This creates 'noise', and creates problems connecting. Influx's carbon fiber design blocks out the noise so your Wi-Fi can focus on working for you.


Boost Your Signal

Want a boost in signal without paying for the more expensive Internet packages? Influx's metal layer helps boost your signal, so you can connect better, and your Wi-Fi runs more efficiently for you.


Point It Where You Need It

Influx is directional. If Netflix won't load in your room, just point Influx and your signal toward that your room, and you're done! 

It's a Simple Set Up!

Influx is a simple one step setup. Just place your router on Influx and you're done!