How do I reach Technical Support?

Please email info@influxworld.com with any questions regarding the INFLUX line of products. If you are able to provide pictures to assist us in understanding the question, we ask that you include pictures with your email.

What is the warranty?

One year from date of purchase. INFLUX reserves the right to determine if the product is defective or damaged due to incorrect use or negligence.

How do I return an INFLUX product?

Please contact our great support team at info@influxworld.com.

Router Dock

How does the Router Dock make wifi better?
Directs your wifi signal to where it’s needed
Less Power consumption with Better reception
Shields your wifi from other wifi signals and filters out unwanted interference

How do I set up my Router Dock?
Remove the Router Dock from the retail box.
Lay it flat out in front of you with the shiny side (the “front”) facing up.
Take the back panel (the panel without the feet) and move it so it creates a 90 degree angle to the panel with the feet (the “base”).
Gently insert the clips at the base of the back panel into the holes at the base of the bottom panel until fully inserted. Use caution when inserting the clips, as too much force may cause the clips to break.
Place your wifi router on the base of the Router Dock. Cables can be placed through the opening on the back or moved to the side.
Point the front of the Router Dock (the interior) in the direction you want the signal to go.

Please refer to the recommendations below for information on the best placement of your wifi router and Router Dock.

Recommendations for Best Placement

Recommended Router Dock placement in your home: A corner in the first floor your home is ideal, so that the signal is directed forward and upward from your router, towards your entire home. However, the Router Dock can improve your signal strength from most router setup locations. The least ideal location for the Router Dock is in the middle of the house where it may block the wifi signal to a room behind or below it.
Placement of the router on the Router Dock: Place the router on the base of the Router Dock, about 2 inches away from the back panel.
*Please note that the back side of both panels of the Router Dock will block wifi signal to any devices behind it. Make sure you place your Router Dock so that none of your devices are located behind or below the router dock.

Alternate Configurations

The Router Dock was designed to be used in the manner described in our setup and placement instructions. However, the Router Dock can be used in alternative ways to increase signal strength or decrease noise.
The Router Dock can act as a shield against outside wifi signals which interfere with your network and reduce signal strength. Simply unclip the back panel from the base and lay the Router Dock flat, with your router placed on top. The back of the Router Dock (the matte black side) will act as a barrier, blocking your network from outside signals and noise, while the front (shiny side) of the Router Dock directs your signal to where you need it, improving your wifi connection.

How Do I know my Router Dock is working?

The quickest and easiest way to see an immediate difference is to check your Wifi connection in places you normally struggle to get a good signal. For a more Scientific way to check your connection, see Testing Your Speed below.

What if my router is in the middle of my house? How do I get wifi behind the router dock?

The Router Dock will block your wifi signal behind or under the Router Dock. If your router is located in the very center of your house, anything behind or under the Router Dock will not get wifi signal. We recommend that you position your Router Dock in a way that increases the signal to all points in your house, but will block outside signals and noise. For help with this. See Alternative Configuration.

What do I do if the Router Dock does not work?

There are many variables in a Wifi network that can affect the success of the Router Dock in your environment. Let’s help you troubleshoot:

Review the Setup instructions and adjust the spacing to optimize (see What type of routers work best with the Router Dock?).
Review Alternate Configurations for non-traditional setup.
Remove the Router Dock from the configuration. Use a wifi signal strength testing application, like Ookla, to confirm that your network is receiving an adequate signal. If it is not, please contact your Internet Service Provider.

If you feel it still is not meeting your expectations, please contact our customer support team to return the product.

Where is the Router Dock manufactured?


What is the Router Dock made of?

This is the secret sauce! The patented Router Dock is made of several layers of advanced technology materials that naturally act as Wifi enhancers.

Does my Internet Service Provider have the INFLUX Router Dock?

At this time, most internet providers do not offer INFLUX product but we expect they will in the near future.
A great way to encourage them to carry INFLUX products is to call them up and request it.

Are there any Router Dock product reviews?

Yes, there are many product reviews available. We have them listed out on our Press page: https://influxworld.com/pages/press

Is the Router Dock technology patented?

Yes. Issued Patents # 8,164,527 and 8,854,275; other patents are pending.

Tech Questions

What is noise and/or interference?

We all want better signals. However, one person’s signal is another person’s noise.
More signals = more noise.
Wifi interference (also known as noise) is the leading cause of poor wifi connections. Wifi interference is caused by too many networks, devices, and appliances emitting their own noise in the same area. Your network is not sophisticated enough to simply identify the “correct” devices through the massive amount of other signals in the same environment. INFLUX’s Router Dock is the ONLY product on the market that helps reduce noise and wifi interference.
Meaning you get the best connection possible.

Does the Router Dock allow me to connect more devices to my Wifi network?

The Router Dock only affects the signals your Wifi router is already emitting. The Wifi router will still be able to connect with the same number of devices with or without the Router Dock in place. The Router Dock will just increase the signal strength to each of those devices.

What type of routers work best with the Router Dock?

Simple answer: The Router Dock is sold for routers that are less than 10 inches wide and less than 8 inches tall. This can be configured in multiple ways to best fit your situation. Please refer to Alternate Configurations to view other suggested configurations.
To optimize your performance: Place the antenna (your router's antenna) 2 to 4 inches from the back panel.

Testing Your Speed

There are many computer and mobile applications that can assist you in measuring your Wifi signal. Each of the applications have positives and negatives so we feel the consumer must decide which is best for them.
An example of a wifi strength testing tool is Ookla: http://www.speedtest.net/

Why does my wifi work for emails but my movies are always buffering?

Some tasks require more signal strength than others. For example, streaming videos or online gaming requires a stronger signal strength than sending or receiving emails.
The table below outlines some examples of signal strengths required to complete various tasks.

 Signal Strength Definition Activity Impacted
-30dBm to -50dBm Maximum achievable signal - optimum performance All wifi activities should be optimized
-50dBm to -60dBm A strong signal that will work most wifi applications Streaming videos, VOIP
-60dBm to -70dBm An ok signal: -67dBm is considered the minimum for video streaming Videos ok but will require more buffering time; Web surfing
-70dBm Fairly weak Minimum for email and web
-80dBm Minimum for connectivity Most wifi activities will be frustrating

*dBm is an abbreviation for the power ratio in decibels (dB) of the measured power referenced to one milliwatt (mW).

Can the Router Dock improve the performance of my MiFi?

Yes. Your MiFi is a portable router and struggles with interference and noise just like your home router. We are currently researching the optimum placement and distance from the Router Dock. If you keep the MiFi at least 2 inches from the bottom and top tech plates you will see performance improvements.

Will the Router Dock help improve the performance of my streaming videos on products such as Chromecast, AppleTV, and Amazon Fire TV?

Yes. All these devices utilize wifi to stream videos. INFLUX technology optimizes your existing wifi and improves the signal performance to every device on your network that receives a wifi signal.

Will the Router Dock improve my gaming experience?

Only if your gaming experience currently relies on wifi signals to work. If you are connected via Ethernet or directly to your phone line, you do not currently have wifi set up and the Router Dock will not improve your signal.

My download speed has increased, but my upload speed has not increased. Why?

The Router Dock works to improve signals from the wifi router to your device. The improved wifi signal only works one way. At this time we do not have a solution that improves the signal coming from your device back to the router.

How do I troubleshoot my wifi?

There are many online resources that can provide step by step instructions in troubleshooting your wifi network. You can start by using a wifi signal strength testing application, like Ookla, to confirm that your network is receiving an adequate signal.
Additionally, your internet provider can provide guidance.

Does the Router Dock increase radiation signals and should I be concerned about any health risks?

The Router Dock can only redirect signals; it cannot alter signals.
Radiation occurs when a molecule is exposed to enough energy that the molecule’s atoms can be moved or create vibrations. This is referred to as “non-ionizing radiation”. Wifi signals radiate at a 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz range which are both considered non-ionizing radiation. Your microwave oven and HD TV also operate at 2.4GHz. The Router Dock cannot increase or decrease the radiation in your environment.
More information about this can be found on the internet. A very helpful visual from the US Department of Health and Human Services can be found at this link: https://www.remm.nlm.gov/radiationspectrum.htm