About Influx

Based in Vancouver, Wash., INFLUX is a tight-knit team of product designers and mad scientists passionate about developing products that connect people, better. Founded on the idea of creating clever and simple solutions to everyday problems, INFLUX brings relevant ideas to life for both Wi-Fi and mobile devices at home, in the office, and on the road.

About Our Technology

INFLUX’s patented technology is continually being developed and improved upon by teams of mad scientists with unique expertise in fields of environmental science, antenna and RF design, electrical engineering, and health sciences.

Using principles gained in breakthrough discoveries, INFLUX’s scientists possess deep understandings of how to precisely fine tune existing technology in order to make significant gains in connectivity: the very science embedded into every INFLUX product.

INFLUX is on a trajectory of explosive growth, and we are delighted to partner with them to help bring INFLUX’s breakthrough products to Wi­Fi users worldwide.” – Robert Doneker, Ph.D. and Chief Technology Advisor at INFLUX.




Ben Richardson, CEO and founder of INFLUX, is a globally recognized designer and entrepreneur. He has revolutionized products for Yakima, Black Diamond, Hewlett Packard, and Nike. With his first startup, Puj, Ben changed the baby products industry with one simple design; going from nothing to $1 million in sales the first year. With his unique skill-set as an Industrial Designer and Entrepreneur, he is now revolutionizing the wireless connectivity industry with INFLUX.

Ben has the ability to see the problem from all angles: as a user, designer, manufacturer, and entrepreneur. His experience in all of these categories gives him insights that produce highly optimized products that are top quality and easy to use.

When not creating, Ben loves spending time with his wife and four kids. He is an aggressive cyclist and his idea of a relaxing vacation is riding in the French Alps. He is world traveler who once managed to get himself into a communist country without a visa.


John Danielson is a 25-year operations, planning, and finance professional who has had executive level positions with Nautilus, NIKE, Salomon, and OIA Logistics. John has been instrumental in the adoption of process improvement, championing sustainability initiatives, and pioneering strategic partnering.

Colleagues’ have noted his infectious enthusiasm and tireless pursuit of excellence. John has founded two businesses, and a non-profit organization. John and his family of six are active in the community and enjoy the outdoors.