Ben Richardson’s 5 Simple Wifi Fixes For Dads Who Don’t Want To Think About Technology!

5 Simple Wifi Fixes For Frustrated Dad’s by 40 Year-Old Father of Four Turned Entrepreneur, Ben Richardson!

WATCH OUT FOR METAL: Even a giant radio tower needs a unobstructed path for best transmissions (this is why they are always up high on a hill or top of buildings). Your home wifi router is like a little radio antenna. Give your router it’s best chance to perform by taking it out of the metal shelving unit you have it hidden in now. :)

GO AROUND THE WATER: Wifi routers use a similar frequency as microwave ovens. This microwave electrical energy is absorbed by water and converted into heat.  If you are trying to shoot your wifi through a fish tank, you are likely losing a lot power (range) as the wifi signal gets absorbed by the water. Move the router or the fish tank and you will see an immediate improvement.

REDUCE THE PROXIMITY OF OTHER DEVICES: This one is surprising at first so hang with me.  Think of yourself at a noisy party where everyone is talking loudly. Even though the other people are not talking to you, they are making it hard to hear the person you want to speak with. You would normally leave that party and say, “there was too much noise”.  

With wifi, it is the same way. More and more wireless devices are talking all the time producing “noise”  making it harder and harder for you to get good wifi. Many surprising culprits producing a lot of wireless “noise” are large TVs, microwaves, baby monitors, cordless phones.  

The simple solution is to move your wifi router away from the most immediate offender just like you would move away from a loud conversation right next to you. This will give your wifi an immediate improvement.

PROTECT YOUR NETWORK: This is simple. If you do not have a password on your wifi network you are essentially letting your entire neighborhood know they can use your wifi signal for free. Worse than  that, they are gobbling up YOUR internet bandwidth too. With your internet data plan, you only get so much data coming to your house. If your neighbor is streaming Netflix off of your account it is absolutely slowing down your speeds. Don’t make that mistake. Set up a password on your wifi network today and problem solved. Easy.

GET CLOSER: If you have trouble getting wifi in part of your house and you have the option to move your router to the middle of the home or the other end, this will give you immediate improvement.  If that is not an option, you could buy a super expensive and powerful wifi router that could reach that far (but that can be expensive $400+ and technical to set up).  Or, you could get a WiFi repeater (but those have been proven to be glitchy and they slow your signal down by 50% as they repeat the signal back and forth). The easiest solution is to move your router if you can. 

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