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See How Influx Can Boost Your Wifi!

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Tired Of Buffering?

Don't let poor wifi connection interrupt your binge watching! Influx blocks out signal noise so your wifi can work better for you, and you can get back to watching your favorite show.

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Can't Connect in that one room?

Everyone has that one room that they just can't get a wifi connection in. INFLUX is directional, so all you need to do is point the signal where you need it most!

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"I remember the times before Influx: dropped wifi signals and deadzones, but these are now things of the past. This just seems to work, and work well. One room in particular used to frustrate us beyond belief and now we simply get an uninterrupted signal. So thumbs up to this innovative product. I think you'll notice it a lot more if it weren't there!"


"We live in a 100 year old NYC apartment, with thick walls, including two load baring walls, between where our router is set up in the front hall and the kitchen and bedroom in the back. We were not getting any single in these two rooms. It took a few min to set up and the signal was available throughout the apartment and even in the elevator. down the hall."